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Taking Care of Yourself While Takin Care of Others

The job of caregivers can be extremely overwhelming for those when it comes to managing work life with home life. Caregivers are the backbone of healthcare, they are the ones who support the lives of the elderly. However caring for others takes a toll on the mentality of others. Which is why it is important to help them maintain their mental health and wellness, to be able to care for others. THe question then comes of “How Can We As Family Help Them?”. An essential part is to check in. 

-Make sure they have someone there for them when they are feeling down or gloomy. 

-Ensuring that the caregiver has access to all of the information they need, so they do not miss anything along with having the chance to learn more. 

-Make time for the caregiver to talk to you, discuss their experiences and feelings. 

With all of that being said it is also important for the caregiver to take care of themselves as well. This could look like meditation, exercise, self love, journaling, and doing things you like. 

A list of ways to make this happen:

-Get enough sleep

-Talk about what is bothering you

-Go outside and enjoy nature

-Find a hobby

Taking care of yourself is extremely important in order to take care of others. If you need more tips to better yourself, Our CEO, Abijah Manga, has written a book all about this in better detail to help. 

Or online just type in "The Love To Care."

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