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Mabij Foundation

A nonprofit organization that offers programs and services to disadvantaged communities in Africa

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The Mabij Foundation

The Mabij Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was created by the owners of Loving Home Care to offer programs and services to disadvantaged communities in Africa. The foundation is committed to solving systemic social problems through education and outreach.  Some of these programs include partnerships with other organizations such as the Dream Foundation, an initiative of the Community of Sant'Egidio. Our hope is that the greater community will see our strength and respond by offering support to those in need. Discover how you can get involved by contacting us!

The Children

 In a partnership with the Dream Foundation, an international organization committed to the health and wellbeing of Africans, Mabij is currently working on providing food to orphans in Kinshasa, DRC.

  The Democratic Republic of Congo is a large country in central Africa that is rich in natural resources, but has one of the lowest scores in the world on the United Nations Human Development Index. For one reason or another, these children were separated from their families. Our hope is that this assistance will help these children grow to achieve their dreams.  

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The Disabled

Mabij is also extending its resources in the DRC to benefit the disabled. This program trains and employs differently abled people to make and repair clothing and shoes.


To assist in this initiative, the foundation is currently collecting sewing machines and medical supplies (including crutches and wheelchairs). Mabij volunteers are mobilized to provide continued support for this program and others.

The Elderly

Loving Home Care is committed to providing continued support to the elderly. Recent donations to the residents at the Saint Pierre elderly hospice in Kinshasa, DRC included rice and chicken.


During our last visit to the community, a resident greeted the Mabij Foundation by saying, "We are sure that God has touched your heart for you to come and share the little money that you have. May God continue to bless you!" 


Here's What We've Been Working On

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