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About Us

Who We Are

Loving Home Care, LLC is a home health care agency based in Chittenden County, Vermont. The company is registered as a limited liability company in Vermont and caters to individuals, families, and healthcare facilities seeking assistance through local home care. Our service model is based on responsive care tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


We offer a range of services to help the elderly and other individuals with chronic diseases and disabilities to maintain a comfortable lifestyle (as defined by our clients) despite their age or health status. The founder, Mr. Abijah Manga has no interest in establishing another home care agency. After serving as his father's primary caregiver, he promised to do whatever he could to help other elderly obtain premier home care services tailored to their needs.

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Abijah (Francis) Manga

CEO, Founder

Francis is the organizational founder of Loving Home Care, LLC.  He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Vermont in the Department of Leadership and Policy Studies. The goal of this program is to "examine complex educational and social problems through the integration of multiple theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary lenses" (

Francis moved to Vermont from the Democratic Republic of Congo where he worked in the Prime Minister's office as a Foreign Affairs Expert. He holds two master's degrees. One in Public Management and Development Policy, and another in Education with a TESOL major. His vision is to integrate modern values with traditional beliefs. 

LHC Staff

Blandine (Ama) Manga

Executive Director

Ama is currently the senior client care coordinator at Loving Home Care.  She also hires, trains, and schedules caregivers in private homes, nursing homes, and assisted living communities across the state. Her positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to those around her and her spirit shines with loving energy.


Ama is an experienced PCA trainer and has maintained an impressive network of caregivers.  She is also very responsive to client requests and prioritizes their needs even above her own.  These are the principles that this company was founded on, to provide the type of care we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. Thanks to Ama's ethics, these principles have also been instilled in the Loving Home Care staff.  

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Emmanuel Abeeku

Scheduling Coordinator

For over 20 years, Emmanuel has worked as a banker for various firms. He has years of experience in both the public and private sectors and has led several highly esteemed companies.  Emmanuel holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and law from the prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in Kumasi, Ghana, and a master’s degree in finance from the same University. He is skilled in team building, strategic planning, and company collaboration. He has worked with two of the foremost and reputable banks in Ghana and rose to the rank of Head of Retail and Business Banking Department.


Emmanuel brings a wealth of corporate experience to the LHC team. His vision is to help make LCH the most preferred homecare company in the industry.

Erin Ploof

Administrative Assistant / Marketing Coordinator

Erin is the Admin Assistant and Marketing Coordinator at Loving Home Care. She works with the marketing team to provide the best care for our clients. Erin is a very empathetic, supportive, outgoing person who is here to provide her best for the clients. Erin has many years of experience in customer service, along with expertise in caring for young children.

Since joining the company this year, Erin has demonstrated her ability to make informed decisions and contributed to improving the company culture and employee satisfaction. Erin is responsible for developing, implementing, and executing many marketing strategies that align with the company's core values.

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Jamie Bunch Headshot.JPG

Jamie Bunch

Client Care Coordinator/RN

Jamie is a cheerful, empathetic Registered Nurse from South Burlington, VT. Jamie is the Client Care Coordinator at Loving Home Care and the RN instructor for the Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) class Loving Home Care LLC organizes. 

She received her nursing degree from Endicott College in Beverly, MA, and returned home after graduating to provide care to the community she loves. She has experience working with older adults at four of Vermont's nursing homes. Jamie aspires to continue her nursing education and become a nurse anesthetist someday. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, hiking, listening to music, traveling, and snowboarding in the winter. 

Gift Abesa

Assistant Client Care Coordinator / HR Manager

Gift serves as the Assistant Client Care Coordinator and HR Manager at Loving Home Care (LHC), bringing a wealth of experience and compassion to the role. As the Assistant Client Care Coordinator and HR Manager, she oversees all aspects of creating a thriving work environment and attracting and retaining clients. With a dedicated career spanning six years as a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA), Gift has consistently demonstrated her commitment to providing exceptional care for the elderly and disabled. Gift's journey in the healthcare industry has been driven by her genuine empathy for the clients she serves and her fellow caregivers. Her profound understanding of the unique needs of the elderly and disabled has made her a trusted caregiver and a valuable asset in her current role at LHC.

Currently pursuing a degree in psychology, Gift is on a mission to deepen her understanding of the human mind and behavior. This pursuit undoubtedly enhances her ability to connect with and support clients and caregivers. This educational pursuit reflects her commitment to continuous growth and development to serve better the diverse needs of Loving Home Care's clientele. In her capacity as Assistant Client Care Coordinator, Gift strives to prioritize the well-being of both clients and caregivers. She firmly believes that a happy and appreciated staff is the cornerstone of outstanding client services. With a keen focus on staff appreciation, she ensures that the caregivers at LHC feel valued and supported, recognizing their crucial role in delivering quality care.


Gift's approach to her role combines professionalism, empathy, and a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others. Her dedication to fostering a harmonious and supportive environment at Loving Home Care aligns seamlessly with the organization's commitment to excellence in home health care services. As she continues her educational journey in psychology, Gift remains an invaluable member of the LHC team, contributing to the well-being of clients and the caregiving staff.


We Do All Things With Love

We are a highly-experienced group of caregivers who have worked for larger companies. We grew unhappy in our work because it did not allow us to provide the type of care that we would want for our loved ones. We created Loving Home Care so that we could provide you the type of home care that we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. Our services are always driven by your wants and needs.

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Caregiver Training


Personal Care

All of our caregivers are trained in assisting clients with bathing, dressing, and maintaining personal hygiene standards.


Bloodborne Pathogens

Our staff is trained in the use of personal protective equipment and the best practices to clean, decontaminate, and dispose of potentially infected materials.


Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Loving Home Care believes that everyone with Dementia deserves the best care. All of our caregivers are trained to assist those with Alzheimer's and dementia.



All of our caregivers are trained in assisting clients with To better protect the privacy of our clients, all staff members at Loving Home Care, LLC are trained in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.bathing, dressing, and maintaining personal hygiene standards.

Loving Home Care Staff



-Lisa Driver, MI

"I am glad we made the decision to hire you guys. The owner and employees of Loving Home Care are some of the most considerate, trust-worthy, people I have met. Any person or family that has the privilege to work with them will quickly find this out!"

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