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Caregiver Appreciation

Updated: Feb 20

The love and passion that our caregivers have for their jobs is out of this world. This week we are going to talk about one of our caregivers who is super passionate about her job. She is someone who admires her clients. Achlene became a caregiver because she has the love and passion to help people, especially the elderly. Her view is that the same way she helps others God will bless her. She loves doing her job. Her favorite part of her job is the opportunity to be of help to her clients, helping them experience their lives. Not only discovering how to get along with them, but learning from those who can't speak and doing all that she can to be there to support them with whatever it is they might need. Loving Home Care asked Achlene “What drives your passion for this job on a challenging day?”. Achlene responded with “The need of accomplishing my tasks and getting clients satisfaction even in challenging moments”. Achlene takes pride in her work,and has a passion for hwat she does. We thank Achlene for all that she does and her continuous effort to be her very best for our clients!!!

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